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mandag den 22. maj 2017

New motion picture soundtrack by Mikkel Maltha,"The Journey"

Mikkel Maltha from Cryoshell is also composing soundtracks for movies on a regular basis.
Here is a link for his most resent project "The Journey".
Link to "The Journey" original motion picture soundtrack by Mikkel Maltha
"The Journey" original motion picture soundtrack by Mikkel Maltha
A small listening task for Cryoshell fans. Can you spot any traces from earlier Cryoshell material?
One hint: It is more than half the tempo of the original:)

søndag den 14. maj 2017

"Next to Machines" cover concept. Vinyl maybe?

Here is an album test cover for the next Cryoshell release "Next to Machines".
And now a question for you. Would you buy a vinyl album or do you prefer CD or digital download?It would be cool to hear your opinion in the comments.

onsdag den 3. maj 2017

Cryoshell from 2006 to 2017 and beyond

This is a small tribute to all the people who have followed Cryoshell since 2006 and their amazing patience. Now you can be a part of this new beginning. We will keep the epic feeling alive but take it to a new place beyond the horizon with a new purpose. Say hello to the band on their first day on the new project. Nobody knows the future but you can be certain it is coming so choose your course and remember to bring some personal and powerfull music.