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lørdag den 17. februar 2018

Nature Girl by Cryoshell. A cover version with a twist.

Nature Girl cover illustration. The "Carrying A Tree" truck at a hightech well in a distant near future desert
Back in 1947 songwriter and poet Eden Ahbez composed this strange and mesmerising song. It has a the calmness of a lullaby and the melancholy of a ballad and it holds a banal but powerfull sentence that captures the core of human existence “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return”.Here in the early 21th century the human civilisation is at a crucial point in time where we have the knowledge and technology to shape our future and make life on earth better for all. But at the same time the danger of not thinking ahead and go for short-term solutions and selfish greed is more present than ever. We have to take the concept of love and compassion and build it into every piece of technology we create.The mix between epic themes, storytelling and big emotions have always been the trademark of Cryoshell and from the very beginning back in 2006 Cryoshell has found inspiration in the clash between nature and technology. The robot on the beach in the early Bionicle legend is a good example and a good beginning. We humans have invented thinking machines and a world wide web connecting it all, but what influence will we have on the future of these creations. The coming album “Next to Machines” is inspired by this epic point in time where we cross over to the age of thinking and conscious machines.Now the message of “Nature boy” and “Nature girl” gets extremely relevant and what we teach the machines will be the key to survival. Love might be the most amazing invention and most important human survival skill.
Link to Nature Girl on Spotify

3 kommentarer:

  1. INCREDIBLE WORDS Mr. Faber. I so agree with you. I am a medical student from north spain and martial artist who first listened to Cryoshell before university and now that I am wrapping my career it's amazing to ear the new music of my favorite group. Hope there will at least one concert in the future and be able to attend. The first toys I played when I was a child were Bionicle and discovered the music of Barcode Brothers through the PC demo games and the movie Mask of Liga amazing!!! Best

  2. You have perfectly captured what this song represents! It really is a timeless classic. And Cryoshell made it their own with that gorgeous instrumentation, the percussion, Christine's haunting vocals and that sweet Industrial Rock breakdown. A fantastic introduction to "Next to Machines", both sonically and thematically! I can't wait to see where you will take us from here. ^_^